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This is all information about types of weapons and their uses/functionality against the undead. However, you should never lose sight of the fact that, whenever remotely possible, retreating is better than engaging.




Guns have some serious advantages over other forms of defense. You can use them at a distance, cutting down on the risk of infection (compared to hand-to-hand), and one hit to the head/neck will usually incapacitate a zombie. However, ammunition and weight are always concerns.


Machine and submachine guns

Usually a bad idea. They waste ammo, and the recoil will screw up your aim pretty fast, unless it's fixed to the ground. This also means that it's even easier to use up all your ammo, take out fewer zombies, and still die, without even a last bullet to save you from being eaten alive.



They seem like a good idea, but they don't use bullets, but rather shot, which fragments when fired and sends a spray over its target. Which is great, when you're trying to shoot a living person, but for the undead, when all that matters is a head shot, they're less effective, unless at extremely close range.



Great for distance shooting, and you can still use it for defense after you've run out of ammo, especially if you attach a blade to the end. However, carrying them around can be awkward, because of their length. They're also heavier, putting more strain on your body when you're trying to escape.



A good option for close range. They can lack the power and range of a good rifle, but they are lighter, smaller, and generally more portable. They're also good for killing yourself if you're surrounded and about to be eaten alive, with no hope of escape. However, once you're out of ammo, pistol-whipping is unlikely to impress a zombie.



Whenever possible, hollow point bullets are the way to go. The entry wound is relatively small, but they subsequently explode inside the target, creating a large exit wound and doing a good amount of damage. Plus, they hit with a lot of force- win-win.



Blades (don't need reloading)

Just like the section header says. Whether or not you plan to use it as your primary weapon, it's usually a good idea to save some space/carrying capacity for a good bladed weapon. Knives are smaller, easier to carry, and have a wider variety of practical uses outside of combat than swords. However, the farther you are from the infected you're fighting, the better.


The best compromise is a small, lightweight, easily-wielded sword on your back and a knife in your boot. It's the best of both worlds, and the least physically taxing. Just make sure they're good quality, so that they won't break on you when you need them.





Don't set zombies on fire. This is not a good idea. It will take them a while to die from the brain damage, and until then, there's zombies running around, on fire, wrecking up the place AND still infected. I'm sure there are situations in which fire would be useful, but as a general rule, don't do it.


Grenades/other explosives

Good ONLY if you're far away from anything useful that could be damaged by an explosion, there's a lot of zombies in one place that will be affected, and you're not going to be hit by infected body parts. It's currently unknown whether or not the infection can be transmitted this way, so be careful.


Blunt objects

These are less desirable. You have hit to the head fast with a lot of force to kill. Guns or blades are still more effective. However, when your choices are limited- swing away, Merrill.


Any port in a storm

If you're unarmed and have no choice but to fight, be creative- tree branches, bits of furniture, yard tools, forks- anything is better than going quietly to your death. Remember- if you deliver an uppercut to the nose with enough force, there's only a very thin layer of bone between the nose and the brain. You do the math.




Again, this IN NO WAY covers everything you neeed to know about zombie combat. Bsp_mod read The Zombie Survival Guide a long time ago, and while she has internalized most of it, and extrapolated the rest, she is not omniscient or even that attentive. Please feel free to add anything else you can think of that would work.


A few words about weapon choice: If your character is physically weak, he or she probably can't effectively wield a medieval broadsword or a mini-Uzi. Try to keep it proportional. Also, there's no such thing as a limitless supply of guns, ammo, etc. We're not going to breathe down your neck, or probably even notice, if you beef it up a little too much, but it would be cool if you keep it reasonable.  The mod that wrote this will love you if you know the basics about the gun(s) you use, but that's not even close to necessary.



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