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Taken Characters

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When you are accepted, please edit this page in the following format:


Name of Canon

Name of Character (which is a link to the character's livejournal) - Player's name (which is a link to player's livejournal) , Player's email or IM


*If you don't have one or the other, LJ or email/IM, it's not a big deal. As long as we have some way of contacting you. :3




Battlestar Galactica

Sharon "Boomer" Valerii - Megan , mgreen@4imprint.com


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series

Buffy Summers - Stephanie , chiigusa@gmail.com

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - FerretGirl , the.gang@chello.nl


Life on Mars

Sam Tyler - Ca , sesemperamabo@gmail.com

Gene Hunt - Starbornstarborn_scribe@yahoo.com



Simon Tam - Vivi , saturnalia.ck@gmail.com

River Tam - Ryuu , shinkuha@gmail.com

Kaylee Frye - Stephanie , chiigusa@gmail.com



Gregory House, M.D - KC , pterodactyls.on.call@gmail.com

Lisa Cuddy, M.D - Nora , rainbowsky1234567890@yahoo.com



Hyuuga Neji - Ed , cellardoorsky@gmail.com


Resident Evil

Leon S. Kennedy - Ryuu , shinkuha@gmail.com

Jill Valentine - Stephanie , chiigusa@gmail.com


The Stand

Randall Flagg - Jordan , wiccanstar602@gmail.com


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