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Story In Depth

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The virus works like the T-virus from Resident Evil. It is usually transmitted by saliva-to-blood and saliva-to-saliva contact, through scratches and possibly through contact with an infected person's blood. It is unknown whether sexual contact spreads the virus. It is called a virus, but in actuality, no one is really sure what causes the infection. There is no known cure. The initial outbreak began in February 2008 in the northeastern United States (mostly because the mods are most familiar with this area). By June, the infection had overtaken North and South America completely, and spread to the rest of the world. Most surviving people are holed up in small pockets of civilization, like the compound.



Castlewood State Reformatory

The compound is an abandoned prison. To give you an idea of what that looks like, this is the Ohio State Reformatory, which despite the cars is indeed out of operation. This is the kind of floor plan it's likely to have. Note that it is sure to have a stone perimeter wall with catwalks, watch towers and a gatehouse. Ellen Ripley (yes, of Alien fame) is the unofficial leader and founder.



Castlewood is on the outskirts of Easton, Pennsylvania. It is a predominantly rural area: farmland is interspersed with suburbs. It's fairly flat, located at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware rivers, with some minor hills running northeast to southwest. Game start is around April 2009. (This information was determined with the assistance of the lovely Gene player here.)



There are numerous NPCs (non-player characters) wandering around the compound. Feel free to include them however you wish. Aside from helping the compound run smoothly, these NPCs fill in gaps, mainly by dying. Waging war against zombies means that some people will die, just as in any war, but it wouldn't be nice to kill off characters you know and love. So, the NPCs account for the death toll.


At game start, there are less than 100 (but more than 70) people living in the compound. Realistically speaking, not everyone can be a useful, functioning member of society. It's okay to have an essentially worthless character if that's who you want to play. People will do extreme things in extreme situations, and as long as they're willing to get their hands dirty, there is always something to do - whether it's being a lookout or washing dishes.



Because of the high number of people living in the compound, expeditions for supplies go out weekly, in pick up trucks and Hummers. The average size of an expedition is roughly eight, which breaks into groups of two to four once at the destination.


It takes a few hours for it to become apparent that a person has been infected. It is not unusual for an infected person to return to the compound before early symptoms start to show - coughing, greyish skin, dizziness, and disorientation. Once it is obvious, the person is isolated in a jail cell to live out their remaining hours. To prevent the entire compound from becoming infected, most people alert others as soon as possible of their infection. These infected people (said to be "going Trojan") are killed after they turn.



Only fanatically vigilant people can survive alone against the zombies, so finding an established community is very important to anyone not equal to the task. In the face of supernatural opposition, humans put aside differences rather quickly (at least at first) and band together. The compound has established CB radio transmitters to contact anyone moving through the area and tell them of their location. Be aware that new arrivals are uniformly subjected to personally monitored isolation in a cell until it's obvious that they aren't infected.



Umbrella Corporation

Loosely based off of the corporation from Resident Evil. The company runs in the background, fulfilling its own goals and meeting its own agenda. It has a presentable front in pharmaceuticals, but spends most of its time and resources investigating the virus. Occasionally its experiments create deformed, mutant zombies, more challenging to kill than the standard undead (and consequently suitable for boss battles).


It also has a subsidiary private military company, with a highly-trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and para-military operations. The corporation utilizes the force to secure and protect its assets and high profile employees. Umbrella is a large plot device run by the mods, if you couldn't already tell. If you'd like to utilize the company for a plot in some way, just ask and we'll figure something out.



Availability of Knowledge

Be aware that your character would not necessarily know all of the information presented above. We can't even say for sure that anything is 100% correct. In attempting to make this a realistic RP, we have to account for the fact that some people believe "three impossible things before breakfast" each day. If you want your character to be completely misguided, go ahead.

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