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Food is a problem, post-outbreak. In order to keep your supplies at reasonable levels, you will consistently need to go on expeditions to raid supermarkets, drug stores, etc. for more. Your main objective should be canned foods, with dried foods being next on your list of priorities.




Try to choose your destination before you leave the compound, whenever possible. Assess whether a major shopping center is better than an isolated, stand-alone store, and think about which location is most likely to have what you need. Also, consider how long your return trip will take, in the event of a team member being injured, a vehicle damaged, or some other disaster. Don't go too near any cities or densely-populated areas- the more people there pre-outbreak, the more zombies there post. Have multiple routes to and from your destination planned, for a trip by the original vehicle(s) as well as on foot.


Before entering a store, assess its safety and know where the exits are. If you must split up, divide into groups of two or more. Never lose sight of the fact that you are constantly open to attack.




Things to take whenever possible:

  • penicillin
  • antiseptic
  • bandages, gauze, medical tape
  • water purifying tablets
  • batteries
  • vitamins
  • ammunition


Never forget your carrying capacity and priorities when stocking up.



Preserving resources within the compound

Pay attention to expiration dates, and use things that expire next month before the ones that expire in two years. Do not store all of your food in one place, and use multiple containers for water.



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